LOGO meaning

Resembling the "mountain" shape: means business;

Shape of the "triangle ": In geometry , the triangle is the strongest structure , meaning a solid career ;

The middle of two "people" : meaning " all ", on behalf of team solidarity ;

Blue: represents a peaceful , rational and never give up and deep feelings ;JOYAN, "JO" is the abbreviation of "JOY", meaning a happy,"YAN" as a "YOUNG" homophones,meaning young and enthusiasm.


Represent the fighting spirit of enterprise and special technology personality;

Reflect a kind of spirit,the tenon joint point and working point of enterprise culture;

Represent enterprise candid personality of burson lofty , vigorous and resolute;

Is a kind of harmony of tolerance , is a kind of deep feeling ;

Interpretation of a quiet strength and vigor of intelligence;

Is the source of strength for corporate customers remain invincible in the fierce market competition.


Analysis capabilities from the outside to the inside ;

Predictive ability from the near to the distant;

An ability to exit the screen to see the painting;

One kind of co-ordination ability to grasp the mainstream ;

Professional ability of seeing things clearly.